viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2007


I wrote in my first post that maybe in the worst case you could make a 100 USD if you receive 50,000 visitors on your website per day (that's a lot!!!), that is just how this Googleship (partnership) works out!!. Making some research about this new advertiser model, I found out that there are many predictions on how much advertiser will pay this year (2007) [1,2] and they all predicted that there are billions of USD in that sort of business, so no matter which is the exact amount of money that's in play definitely is a good business. But the question still open, how can I have a little slice from that??. I came up with this Googleship, since I have nothing in/with the USA, it was relatively easy to sign into the Google's AdSense [3] program, I guess now I have some kind of partnership with them (Google). That is the reason why are some ads in this blog. The point in this post is how a company that lacked of a business model in the beginning now is the king in revenues??, It's seems that they have and endless pocket and most of the money they got is from this Googleship that they have with thousands of companies and people around the world, for me is the beginning of a new project and experiment, maybe this all about "one nickel at a time", as John Battelle puts it in his book (The Search).


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