jueves, 10 de enero de 2008

About India & Tata Group

I think that a country must have its own technology in order to be competitive and be part of this knowledge economy. Chindia (India & China) is doing a good job in that issue. In this post I'll think out loud about India, we know that this country is doing an amazing effort in eradicating the poverty and is a great example of how technology can contribute to develop and take out a lot of people from the poverty. India almost since its independence began to work in having science as a tool to develop the country, this article [1] entitled “Science ’can lift India’s poor’ ” indicates how science could make a real impact in poor countries, they have (India) made a blueprint for prosperity, done by Dr Abdul kalam (the previous India's president). When I read that article [1] I thought that it was a good and very interesting one, so I sent it to my friends of the Peruvian Computer Society (SPC) [2] and they liked very much too, because is truth (Peru needs urgently to put science as a priority, I wonder why they (politician) haven't make it already??, I mean a real one that could be done).

Before I start to think out loud about Tata, I'll like to talk about Bollywood (my friends think that I am crazy because I see Bollywood's movies), some of those movies are really cool, the songs, dances and all that stuff, I think they make it perfect, Its a complete different type of movies, I think that are very human, and for me if I want to know more about this amazing country (civilization), I have to see those movies (Bollywood is one of many cinema industry in India) to understand their culture. Its a big industry, but here in all Latin America is not famous at all. Now comes the Tata issue, reading about this group [3] I found that it has 98 operating companies in seven business sectors and that their revenues in 2006-07 is the equivalent of about 3.2% of the country's GDP, just wooow!!!. Before I read the business profile I knew that it was big and of course I was aware of Tata Consultancy Services [4], it is the world's first organisation to achieve an enterprise-wide Maturity Level 5 on quality improvement models (CMMI), that speaks by itself. So its basically a leading group in the world and comes from India. What I like very much about this group is that they believe that innovations is the key to success. Today I read that they have achieve to build the cheapest car in the world [5], nice example of how a business group can change many lifes, I mean this car could be affordable by many people, those that have motorcycle would be able to buy this car, and with that we are talking about improving the quality of life of many people. Of course there is a profitable business behind that, but at the same time is a social issue, I mean they have made a car for India!!.

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