martes, 22 de enero de 2008

India & Knowledge Revolution

In this post I will think out loud about India and the Peruvian currently situation, the reason is that I see India as an example for the developing countries (third world economies), because with all their huge problems they always (government) try to be in this knowledge economy (they see that as the knowledge revolution [1]). I haven't make a complete research about the Peruvian situation (in that issue), but just make you this question, are we (Peru) trying to fit in this new economy??. I can say from my (personal) observations, that it seems that this is not an important issue in Peru (to bad to be real). We have grown like more than 7% last year (2007) that is good of course, there are local companies that are performing great, but I still don't see a technological neither a science environment, just try to know how many Peruvian papers have been published in international events (by universities), I think that maybe 20 papers are a lot, so how can I think that we are doing something in that issue??.

Going back to the India issue, they made the green revolution to be more productivity and now they are thinking (and they will do) in reduce the gap between "scientific know-how and free-level-do how"[1]. That's just an amazing step in put the scientific knowledge in hands of regular people, so that they could apply in many fields and that must be done using the IT, and we all know that India best brand is the IT issue, good luck!!!


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