lunes, 7 de enero de 2008

Wikia Search comes alive

Today Wikia Search comes alive [1], this is a project that had been announced months ago, so it's not new at all. It's based in the Wiki paradigm (a wiki is software that allows users to create, edit, and link web pages easily [2]), so it'll be feed by the users (sounds really cool!!). Behind this new search engine is a different approach, the transparency [3], that will be very interesting, because it'll not have any patented stuff (black box for the users, I am in favor of the patented stuff too), and we can all contribute with our knowledge and experience, Jimmy Wales said that this project will "completely controlled by the community of users. So it's going to be similar to any wiki except people will be able to participate in the creation of search results" [3], but behind this cool project is a profitable business too, it needs to be like that to be alive in this competitive environment, and the model will be the same as Google, the advertising ("We're planning to have an advertising supported model"[3]). Google has proven that with the Googleship (partnership) they make tons of money, so it's probably that Wikia will make millions too with the help of us (the users), very smart. I am starting to think that maybe Google's search empire (I love Google) is ending because there are more and more search engines coming alive, lets think about that!!.


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