viernes, 4 de abril de 2008

Cloud Computing and Information's Mines

“The World’s primary compute is or could be Google’s cloud, its a network made of hundreds of thousands, or by some estimates one million, cheap servers, each not much more powerful than the PCs we have in our homes.. A move towards clouds signals a fundamental shift in how we handle information. At the most basic level, it's the computing equivalent of the evolution in electricity a century ago when farms and businesses shut down their own generators and bought power instead from efficient industrial utilities.” [1]

As you can see we are in the path to change the way we interact with information, humankind is in constantly move (traveling around the world), we need to access to our information in every place, we have laptops, mobiles as devices to access information, but where do we store our files, calendar, apps, etc ??, it can be saved in the devices, but if I want to backup all my information, how and where do I put it ??. Its clearly that the answer is in the big cloud, almost like the matrix it can do all that stuff, so where do we go next??, that’s a very good question, I think that we are in an early stage about the cloud computing, people have to get use to have their information in the cloud and trust the way we do with electricity. The cloud will be there for hundreds of years, the next step is to manage the way we put our digital footprint on the net and be able to retrieve all that digital footprint the we as humankind left. Another thought that come to me about the cloud is the huge information that it has/have, every cloud could be seen as a mine, digging all those mines will be a very challenging task, in the future those clouds will have all our information recorded.

“Humanity emits the data, and a handful of companies—the likes of Google, Yahoo!..., or …—transform the info into insights, services, and, ultimately, revenue … Yahoo Research Chief Prabhakar Raghavan, "there are only five computers on earth." He lists Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. Few others, he says, can turn electricity into computing power with comparable efficiency. ”[1]

Very interesting the way those companies use the information to gain revenue, that’s that way this information economy works out, making profit from the services and the information that we put in the Internet. I can see many application that could be developed using web intelligence, is just amazing how we are getting more and more connected between us and the mass information that we generate every second.


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