viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

The decision to conquest the exoplanet Yecta (Fiction – chapter 1)

This post is the first one about how could be the conquest of new exoplanets, is complete science fiction (if its possible to call that), I made up everything. Why I am writing this type of post?, because I believe next century will be the space conquest.

We are a little more than half of the twenty-second century AD, to be more precise in 2157 (200 years after the start of the space’s conquest by the Soviets’ Sputnik in 1957). We have created a multi-civilization commission in order to organize the conquest of five habitable exoplanets for humans. These are called Yecta, Presina, Bacs, Trepid and Zapit, they were discovered in 2050, 2085, 2105, 2115 and 2130 respectively. The closest planet is at 300 light years which is Yecta with a mass twice the Earth and with 65% of its surface with water. It gravitates around a star that is half of our sun, but large enough to heat the planet, it’s located in the Retfer-508 galaxy. Yecta has a highly developed wildlife but there are not intelligent neither developed life than humans, what exist is an animal called Yectabulus which is the most intelligent and according to the research that has been done, it could develop in an intelligent and dominant creature if nothing or nobody intervene, but that is discarded, because humans are willing to colonize the planet and turn it into the second Earth. Why we want to go to another planet?, there are many answers, but the main ones are: we are without resources to feed and provide work for the more than 20 billion humans, problems with the climate and there is a latent fear of a global epidemic outbreak .

The coalition of all civilizations has reached the consensus that now we are one mega-civilization prepared to go to conquer planets, and make the step to immortality as a species and ensure that humanity will continue to grow. The coalition has already been working together in collect all technologies that every civilization has been developing over the last 100 years. It is amazing how some societies have develop very sophisticated technologies, such as in the computer field where the bits are represented at a sub-atomic level, and also being able to represent the data and make highly complex calculations through chemical concentrations (chemistry computing) that could be amorphous robots (gel type) with the ability to separate and become mini-robots and work independently, the Web and virtual reality have converged and have given us a new complex dimension; the robotic with artificial intelligence have achieved in build robots that continuously learn and make decisions and help us in a variety of tasks; nanotechnology; human hibernation; spacecraft flying at supersonic speeds doubling every minute.

It is 15:00 hours in the city of Brussels, the convention to define how is going to be this conquest that compete to all the humanity will begin.

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