lunes, 28 de abril de 2008

How will be the Web 3.0??

We’ve seen a lot of changes on the Web during the last 10+ years, I remembered my first queries on the net were ‘simple’, basically my question was, what’s on the net?. Then came a lot of great stuff on the Web like: better emails free services; chats; newspapers and TV channels were putting their news and stories on websites; the rise of the e-commerce; companies moving their business’ apps onto the Web, etc. Now there is so much of the West’s knowledge on the Web, for example is doing a great job it’s a starting point when I research a topic.

The net has like one billion of user and it’ll increase in one more billion in the following years and most of the new users will come from India and China which are countries and civilizations at the same time, that mean new features according to them. The Web is always changing/morphing, we heard/read words like web science, web intelligent, web semantic, cloud computing, China wide web, walking web, social networks, etc, all those words represent this wild, cool and open (at least for now) environment Web 2.0.

Mobility will be the future, the numbers of handsets will soon hit the 4 billions [3], and those devices are becoming little laptops, so the net will have to be ambiguous, must run on both environment with no differences, that mean the mobile Web experience is going to be the same as if you were surfing the net in a desktop.

An important and interesting phenomenon is going on, in the early days of the Web, almost all of our relation with the net was anonymous, we didn’t care if we were chatting with unknown folks that was part of the fun, met new people, now that has changed radically, because we want to be connected with folks that we know, we want to play with our family and friends, we want to interact with them in the virtual worlds, almost all the net experience has become social, because of that social networks are so famous, they are becoming a new platform/layer on the net. We were used to know that apps were running on servers and those ones were implemented on operating systems, that might still an important platform, but what is changing is that now apps are running on social networks and those are on the clouds. This have a lot of issues, like who own the apps (the developer or the social network)?, what will happen if some apps is shut down on a social network?, who own the data?, etc. We’ll have to wait to see how those issues will be worked out.

Many stuff is being said about the future of the net: Web 3.0 might be the result of the mobile merging with the regular apps, with social networks, virtual worlds, games, etc ; or it might be an intelligent Web who will know us, will interpret our queries and give us exactly what we want (knowing our web's patters behavior, story, personal log, etc); or it might be the process of ordering all the Web and eliminate all the trash; or it might be the Web that will have to retrieve our entire past digital footprint, or...??


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