miércoles, 9 de abril de 2008

Web and TV

The Web is already the platform for the TV, one good example is the BBC iPlayer, “With BBC iPlayer you can catch up with the programmes from the past seven days you've missed or want to watch again free of charge by playing them direct on the BBC iPlayer website or downloading them to your computer. As long as you are in the UK and connected..” [1] But this new service from the BBC is bringing an important issue about who should pay for extra network costs, this is really a hot issue because on-demand TV is the trend and the people are already using it (that’s the reason of a service). Something that is for sure is that internet service providers (ISPs) will have to upgrade their infrastructure if they want to still in the business because there are hidden costs for watching TV online. [2] One solution for the TV online is the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and is already developing.. “Broadcasters and content providers consider P2P as a future-proof, universal, and ubiquitous two-way (interactive) distribution mechanism. Initially, P2P will complement the existing distribution mechanisms such as satellite, cable and terrestrial networks, but ultimately it may supersede them. The P2P-Next Project extends the notion of a conventional media distribution network. It introduces a concept of on-demand, personalised, and social network. “[3] That’s a perfect solution because TV online is there for millions of users.

Another type of TV is fastcompany.tv, they have a different service it’s a Web exclusive channel and all the videos are oriented for the Internet, Robert Scoble is doing an amazing job there. [4]

The Web is morphing and creating new fields, we are going to start to use it more and more and new stuff will come up in the future. But not only you can see all what you get from the Web in computers and devices, now you can see all that stuff in a normal TV that’s using Nintendo Wii the BCC iPlayer is working with that too. [5]

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